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Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya Nanded

NAAC Reaccredited at 'A'  Level(3rd Cycle) with 3.29 CGPA
College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) status
Best College Award by S.R.T.M. University, Nanded

Department of Public Administration

                     The department was established in 1970 prior that it was taught as a part of political science from the beginning of the college i.e.,1963. Professor Dr.Kale was head of the department of Political Science which include public administration Prof. Sudarshan was appointed as a lecturer in public administration in 1966. Prof. Gopchhade M.M was the first H.O.D. of the Public Administration department. He was H.O.D. from 1976 to 2001. Mr.Sanghai S.J. was head of department from 2001 to 2003. Prof.M.V.Deshmukh was the head of department From 2003 to 2022.Presently Prof.Dr.M.V.Phad is H.O.D of the department from July 2022 to till date. Public Administration is one of the youngest branches of Faculty of Humanities. With the expansion of the activities of modern state, public administration has assumed great significance in modern society. The Public Administration and Administrative Officers playing important role in social and economic development of the Nation.
                     It has acquired all spheres of human life right from birth to death. It is very close to the daily life of any person. Public Administration Studies the systematic implementation of Laws and Government policies, theories principles. The subject stands as an integral element of democratic system of the nation. It is intended that the subject is introduced, as an optional subject to the students of U.G. level. It includes Public Administration and private Administration, Public Private Partnership, civil society and sustainable development. Administrative Theory, New trends in public administration personal administration, district , state administration.
                           To educate students about public Administration and its theories. It gives better opportunity to student to learn about administrative skills. It imports democratic attitude and make them aware about fundamental rights and duties of citizens. To convey the knowledge of public administration and to develop creativity and moral character students & scientific, social and democratic attitude and to create awareness about rights and duties of the citizen amongst the student as well as create a platform for the student to express the extra and co-curricular activities such as seminar, group discussion, wallpaper displays, study forum and study tour. The department has organized A state level conference on Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization 2012 & also organized One Day Workshop on B.A II year syllabus

The department works hard to
• Help its students develop academic distinction together with a gradual development.
• To develop administrative skills and abilities required in the public and private administration.

                              In June 1963 Public Administration Department started in Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya Nanded. The incumbency of this department Mr.Gopchade M.M (1976 to 2001), Mr.Sanghai S.J (2001 to 2003), Mrs.Dr.Deshmukh M.V (2003 to Dec 2022), Mrs.Dr.Phad M.V (2022 to till date). In August 1998 Dr.Deshmukh M.V joined as lecturer in the department. She became H.O.D in 2003. She has completed M.Phil degree in March 1987 from B.A.M.U Aurangabad. Topic of M.Phil. dissertation CIDCO administration. She completed her Ph.D research work in May 2014. Her research topic for Ph.D was “CIDCO administration : Comparative study of Nanded & Aurangabad city”. She attended lot of conferences, seminars & workshops. She presented research papers on current topics and subjects at regional, state & national level. She also completed minor research project in 2012-2013. She had published a text book titled “Karmchari Prashasan”. She had delivered several speeches on Social, Political, Administrative issues. She motivated student for personality development and to develop their stage courage. She inspired students for M.P.S.C. and U.P.S.C.
                                   In December 2003 Dr.Meera V.Phad joined as a Lecture in the Department of Public Administration. She was qualified for SET examination at the tiem of her appointment. She completed her Ph.D research work on 31 October 2010. The topic of her research work “A study of women in polic administration with special ref. to Marathwada region”. She became professor in December 2020. She is working as Head of Department. She is a member of Board of studies and Board of examination & evaluation in public administration SRTMU Nanded. She was awarded by Avishakar social and educational foundation Kolhapur (Maharashtra State) “State level Savitribai Phule Gunvant Shikshika Puraskar 2017. Dr Meera V.Phad presented and papers in International, National and State level conference, seminars and workshops. She published research papers in National and International journals. she is working as coordinator of fashion designing course and NSS girl’s unit.
                        Third Faculty of this department is Lt.Dr.R.P.Gawande. He joined this department on 07 December 2004 as Lecturer. He qualified SET examination in 2000. He was Completed Ph.D and his research work based on “Maharashtratil Sainikanchya kalyankari Yojnancha Prashaskiy Abhyas Vishesh Sandarbh : Marathvada Vibhag”. He complete NCC Pre Commission Course during 02 July 2007 to 29 September 2007 and he is working as NCC officer from till date. He completed two minor research projects. First project sanctioned in March 2012 by S.R.T.M.U Nanded. The title was “An Administrative study of Martyr Soldiers” from Marathwada region was completed on 19 March 2014. Second minor research project was sanctioned by S.R.T.M.U Nanded on 13 January 2020. The topic was “Problems of war widows: An administrative case study from Nanded, Latur, Parbhani & Hingoli dist. (MS) it was completed in February 2022. He is working as professor from June 2022 to till date. He participated and presented research papers in conferences, workshops, webinars at international, National & state level. He published chapters in different types of books. Total 45 research papers were published by him in UGC listed and Peer Reviewed Refereed Journals. He participated in 15 NCC annual training program 10 days camp. He was selected for Rock Climbing National camp as Maharashtra State Platoon Commander.
                                                The department introduces and provides knowledge of Public Administration, new trends in Public Administration co-related of Public Administration with other Humanities. Its branches are District Administration, Revenue Administration, Police Administration & Judiciary system at dist. And taluka level. It imports basic knowledge of administrative organization and its principals, functions & understand the importance of public relations in administrations. Department also provide the knowledge of E-Administration to the students, it deals with the role of urban, rural local government in the development of the nation. It introduces and provides the students with the knowledge of administrative skills. The students will be channelized to learn and understand various theories put forth by Indian administrative thinkers regarding public administration. In the recent years the branch of disaster management has attained unique importance. The course will teach the students the utility of the disaster management. Department is always trying to enable the students to prepare themselves for various competitive examination such as U.P.S.C., M.P.S.C and other competitive examinations. The student learn and try to understand the functioning of Indian administrative system as well as understand the role of administration in Nation development.