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Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya Nanded

NAAC Reaccredited at 'A'  Level(3rd Cycle) with 3.29 CGPA
College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) status
Best College Award by S.R.T.M. University, Nanded

Department of Marathi

                                     In 1963 Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya has been started by Shri Sharda Bhavan Education Society, Nanded from then The Department of Marathi has been working actively. A well known Marn 1963 Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya has been started by Shri Sharda Bhavan Education Society, Nanded from then The Department of Marathi has been working actively. A well known Marathi orator,critic Shri. B.D Wadikar was appointed as the first Head of the department. He published Gajar,Saksheo, Sahitya vichar & other literary books.After his retirement became the head of the department he published a book ‘Muslim Jeevan ' Shri. Wadikar and Shri. Suryavanshi Glorified the department of Marathi. Shri.S.S. Shinde became the head of the department after the retirement of Suryavanshi he worked as editor of the college magazine a show the for many years. The Yeshogandh wall poster is published regularly on behalf of the department to create interest in Marathi language and literature to enhance communication skills among students at the same time to motivate and inspire new creativity poet and writers. The department of Marathi conduct various competitions for the department of round personality of the student. On behalf of the department we have invited the well known writers poets authors critics such as Shri.Dr. Vitthal jam bale, Shri. shrimant wadve, professor Vasudev andhele, poet Prabhakar salegaonkar Dr. Sanjay jagtap,Dr. Hanumant bhopale, Dr. Maruti Kasab, Dr. Surya Prakash Jadhav, Dr. Vaijnath Anmulwad,Dr. Bhaskar Bade, Dr. Vilas Patil, Dr. Lakshman Waghmare, Dr. Kishore Sanap, principal Dr. Shankar Munde, Ramkishan Dahifale and others. The department of Marathi has a functional Marathi vangmay mandal that conduct also competitions for students. Dr. Jagdish Kadam a well known poet ,writer, author took the charge as the head of the department of Marathi after the retirement of Shri.S.S.Shinde. He published seven books of short stories for volumes of poems, one drama, one novel, one criticism and one’ biographical sketches. He has worked Swami Raman tirth Marathwada University Nanded and yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra open University Nashik Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad included some of his poem in the syllabus of UG and PG courses in Marathi.He has also awarded in language and literature. Dr. Sangeeta Ghuge a well known poet, writer, author took the charge on 2015 as the head of the department of Marathi after the retirement of Dr. Jagdish Kadam.In 1998 Mrs. Sangeeta ghuge was appointed as a lecturer in the same department. She was awarded Ph.D.In 2004 by Swami Ramanand tirth Marathwada University Nanded. She has completed major research project In June 2009 by UGC. She published a book Venkatesh madgul karaancha Kadambari teel samaj vaastav. She is The successfully guided student for M.Phil. from YCMOU Nashik the department along we with the collaboration of other department. She was arranged National conference in Marathi literature. She was arranged workshop for student literature of drama. She Awarded Ph.D. students are 4 and 10 awarded students of M.Phil.And one of The post doctoral student of Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Panchal. She published 4 books. 
These books are reference books.

1.Yug pravartak Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar yanche vichar.
2.Stri bhrun hatya ek samajik samasya
3.Yashwantrao Chavhan ek Astpaillu vyaktimatva
4.Venkatesh Madgulkaranchya sahityatil lok tatva bhag:2.
5.Fourteen Research papers Publications.

                              She worked as the various committees of Swami Ramanand teerth Marathwada University Nanded,for example as chairman of Paper setting of Marathi. As Member of N.S.S.& Bhi:shal vyakhyanmala samit. She is shouldering the responsibility of college magazine chif editor and sub editor from 1999 to 2016. Many foundations confirmed awards to her.Some of them are the Mimansa foundation honoured Dr.sangita Ghuge,’Kusumtai Chavhan mahila bhushan purskar'in 2017.Sheti Arth Prabodhini paithan in '5ve Akhil Bhartiya shetkari sahitya Sammelan paithan in 2018’,’Shrinath Manav seva Mandal of parali Awarded. Dr.Ghuge ‘Sahitya Bhushan, 5ve Gramin Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, Arth Prabodhini Awarded'. 6ve akhil bhartiy Shetkari Sahitya Sammelan awarded in 2019.’Beti foundation Vani,Bharat Bhushan National awarded in 2020’.shabda Rajani sahitya samuh Kovy awarded in 2020.’Dheysfurti Yuva pratishthan Aaisathi Kavyasfurti awarded in 2020’.Dr.Ghuge awarded ‘Ashi bolate Kavita kavya Spardha awarded in 2020’.vanjari mahasangh Raiyastriy Sanmapatra in 2020.Shabdarajani sahitya samuh kathakar awarded in 2020. Dr.Ghuge was invited as a chairperson of shetkari Sahitya Sammelan Alibag.Dr.Ghuge was invited as a chief guest of conference & workshop. She worked on girls hostel incharge Yashwant Mahavidyalaya from 2003 to till date.she Worked as N S.S program officer from 1999 to 2020. Dr.Ghuge is working on kavi, lekhak sanghatna Marathwada vibhag.As Nanded District President of Ekta foundation & Work as Ekta foundation Sahitya Sammelan.
            Dr.Vishvadhar Deshmukh transferred from Indira Gandhi (Sr) College,CIDCO to Yeshwant College and joined this department on July 6, 2019. He is known as an ‘Experimental Teacher’ who carries out innovative activities with students. ‘Wachan Katta’ (Reading Club) is one of them. He has an effective grasp of technology. With effective use of technology he organized near about 500 online programs in Covid-19 pandemic period. These programs were related to various subjects such as literature, culture, art, psychology, engineering, media & education. It received enthusiastic appreciation from all stakeholders and also from state level print and electronic media. Comparative literature, Translation Studies and Adaptation Studies are his favorite research areas. He received prestigious study fellowship (Associateship) from Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla (H.P.). He has completed his Minor Research Project on Indianness in Regional Literature and still working on Facets of Indianness for another research project. He is active member of Board of Studies of Marathi, S.R.T.M.University, Nanded. He is excellent orator & renowned anchor. He has delivered invited talks on various topics and conducted lots of programs as anchor. He is well known columnist and continuously written columns in regional news papers like Ekmat, Punyanagari & also in Indian Express group's weekly journal Lokprabha. He has seven books with his name. In which two are poetry collections, three are contemporary article collections, One book is on comparative literature and another is on Linguistics. His translated poems are in graduate course of Hindi Syllabus of Bahinabai Chudhari Uttar Maharashtra University, Jalgaon In 2015.Dr. Shivaji Aanandrao Suryavanshi has joined his duties to this institution on 13/07/2023. He is a scholer of Marathi Gramin Kadambari. He has twelve important books on his name. Some titles of his books are : Balknitlya Fulanno, Ba Vitthala, Mazyach Mansanni, Prit Tuzi, Dav & Vairi Dushkal, Salam-Ek Chintan, Kaanhi Kadambarya: Akalan Aani Aaswad. He received some important awards such as Best Teacher & Best Poet from prestigious organisations. He worked as Press reporter, Sub-editor in some Marathi dailies. He has written research articles in national, international journals & also participated in various literary functions as resource person & poet.Dr.Shivaji Suryawanshi joined as a lecturer in the same department he awarded Ph.D.2017 by Swami Ramanand tirtha Marathwada University Nanded. And also research paper are published. and one of the Awarded"Ankur Sahitya sangaacha vinda Kavya puraskar'.
4 Students are awarded Ph.D. from Marathi Research Centre.One major projects incompleted and one minor research project completed.One project is on going.And by our faculty Marathi department runs B.A. B.Com. B.Sc. faculty as a MarathiS.L.&M.L.
5 Dr. Sanjay Jagtap transferred from Indira Gandhi Sr. College, CIDCO, Nanded to this institution and he joined his duties on 01/07/2022. He took his charge as Head, Department of Marathi on 22/07/2022. He is a scholer of Mahanubhava literature. He has six important books on his name.Dr. Sanjay Jagtap has completed one minor project in "महानुभाव पंथाच्या मौखिक साहित्यातील संकलन " He is known as an excellent orator and storyteller. Faculty:-
Dr. S.W.Jagtap
Dr. V.R.Deshmukh
Dr. Shivaji Suryavanshi
Gramin Sahitya, Dalit Sahitya, Folklore, Marathi comparative literature, translation on studies. Marathi novel are research area of faculty.2 students are working for our Research Center.
Our Marathi department provides following services.
1. Marathi literature and language teaching.
2. Development of Marathi language skills.
3. Organizing seminar and workshop.
4. Organizing educational tours.
The faculty of research centre in Marathi is available for Ph.D. students.
1.we Organized National conference collaboration of UGC and Swami Ramanand tirth Marathwada University Nanded. Topic of ‘Novvodatri Marathi kavita’in 18.09.2017
2.In the workshop for YMLIT FEST-2022, Department of Marathi Hindi English and Urdu, title of ‘Drama in Marathi literature'.
3.The Yeshogandha, wallpaper is published regularly on be helf of the department to create in Marathi language and literature to enhance communication skills among students at the same time to motivate and inspire new creativite poets, authors and on.The Department of Marathi conducts various competitions for example debate story telling poetry eitalion competitions for the development of all round personality of the students.