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Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya Nanded

NAAC Reaccredited at 'A'  Level(3rd Cycle) with 3.29 CGPA
College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) status
Best College Award by S.R.T.M. University, Nanded

Department of Hindi

                    Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya was established in June 1963. With the inception of the college, the Hindi Department came into existence with Mr. M.A. Kamekar as the first Head, whose efforts and industry helped the department in its continuous progress. Mr. D.D. Pawar, too was associated with the department during this period. Mr. Pawar having worked for a few years, left the department in favor of a higher position in government of Maharashtra. Mrs. Radha Girdhari was appointed in place of Mr. Pawar. Later on, due to the increased work load, Mr. Murarilal Sharma joined the department. Mr.Sharma too, after working for a few years, left in favour of LBS college, Dharmabad. Keeping in view the growing number of students in college and the increasing work load, Mr. Anil Khirdikar was appointed as lecturer on October 10, 1974. During the regime of Mr. M.A. Kamekar, since 1963, various academic programmes were organized. Seminars were conducted in COHHSIP scheme. Many a sessions of group discussions were organized under the able guidance of scholars like Dr. Chandrakant Kawde, Dr. Bhagat singh Rajurkar, Dr. Anita Rajurkar, Dr. Bhagwandas Varma. Dr. Narayan Sharma, Dr. Manorama sharma, Mr. Rangnath Tiwari who also presented their scholarly papers on many research topics. The department organized various competitions from year to year,in which a good number of students participated and were awarded to.
                In 1993, Mr. M.A. Kamekar retired and the vacancy was filled up with the appointment of Dr. Mrs. Anita Rawat on July 19, 1993. And Dr. Mrs. Radha Girdhari appointed as Head. Dr. Mrs. Radna Giranari has been a great source of inspiration to the in their creative writings for college magazine "Yashodeep". Dr. Mrs. Radha Girdhari has always been an inspiration and guide for cultural activities and the educational competitions. Good many scholars have been invited to the department for enlightenment of students and teachers; both were greatly benefitted by the lecture series the great intellectuals like Dr. Bhagwandas Varma, Dr. Bhagat Singh Rajurkar, Dr.Chnadrakant Kawde, Mr. Rangnath Tiwari, Dr. Narendra Mehra and Mrs. Katyayani. The department has organized good number of poetry sessions (Kavi Sammelans) for the joy and benefit of the students and teachers. The wellknown poets like Omprakash Nair, Prakash Nihalani, Anup Shukla, Rajendra Upadhya and Jugal Kishore Shukla, Dr. Rajendra Mundada, Dr. Manohar Nalwade kept the audiences spell bound with their variety of poems. In 2008, Dr. Mrs. Radha Girdhari retired and Mr. A. D. Khirdikar appointed as Head of Department. Mr. A. D. Khirdikar has been giving his regular best in extracurricular activities of the college in general and the department in particular. Mr. A.D. Khirdikar retired on July 31, 2010 and Dr. Mrs. Anita Rawat appointed as Head of Department. Dr. Vijaysingh Thakur was appointed as Asst. Professor on December 08, 2009 and Dr. Shobha Dhankikar join from Shankarrao Chavan Mahavidyalaya, Ardhapur to Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya in March 01March, 2011. Presently Dr. Sandip S. Paikrao (Head & Professor) and Dr. Sainath G. Shahu (Associate Professor) are working in the Hindi department. Intermittently, due to the increase in the departmental work load, part time and contributory lecturers have been associated with the teaching. Dr. Sunil Jadhav, Dr. Jyoti Mungal has contributed a lot in the teaching and other academic activities with their active participation. The department is working continuously while discharging its responsibilities for the upgradation of the national language and the development of Hindi literature and language.


Establishment of departmental library, regular publication of research journal, creation of laboratory based on Hindi language and pronunciation science, study-teaching and research work with languages like Marathi, Urdu, and Sanskrit etc. Our goal is to have transitive linkages with universities.

The origin of the Department of Hindi in the Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya is not only to promote Hindi, but also to provide research facilities to non-Hindi speaking people by making them aware of Hindi literature, special human values, and social knowledge.